Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ange Musicien.

The definition of fashion has been tainted over the last few years ; whereas it was considered a proper mean of self-expression a couple of decades back, it's now said to be a universe at odds with art where money reigns over creativity. Albeit the similarities between art and fashion have always been fairly impalpable - hence the importance of overstepping your own boundaries when opening a fashion magazine or watching a show ; indeed, only a fanciful soul can make out the artistic side of the drapping of a dress or the detailing of a photograph - they still do exist : the omnipresence of a model the artists get inspired from is among those common points. Andzelika Buivydaite, discreet newcomer, is a dream of an inspiration, as well as the antithesis of sophisticated beauty. Pictorial-featured face, airy caramel-y hair, invisible eyebrows and rebelliously quirky sulk, she looks like coming straight off a painting of Jan van Eyck's all the while having her edge. Vogue Italia... that's where she belongs to. In my mind's eye, Franca Sozzani takes the Lithuanian-born under her wing and introduces her to a certain italian photographer who gets enamored with her right away. As of now, it's sheer wishful thinking ; but I'm quite certain that Andzelika will become Paolo's protégée, assuming she gets to force her way in the international market, of course. That's where developement and placements come into play : let's hope for the most brilliant management for the most precious Lithuanian character I've seen recently!

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Friday, September 3, 2010

A semblance of a routine I'll never get tired of.

Fashion week is just around the corner, angst undoubtedly keeps on growing stronger as the kick-off gets closer and all the while, agencies have been releasing their showpackages, as a way to push us all towards unbearable excitement. Every season, showcards arouse either disappointment or awe, as well as various musings as to their efficacity. Even though other blogs owners already typed their own opinions out, I feel compelled to add my two cents on that somewhat of a sensitive topic (well, I'll actually just be listing my favourite stuff).

Let's start out with Women. I happen to appreciate the concept they went for in their showpackages, namely providing a little bunch of pictures so as to highlight their models' capabilities of adaptation. I've read some complaints about the black and white, but I think it's actually a smart choice considering most of them are already confusing to stare at regardless their monochromy. Overall thus, a nice (yet messy) attempt to sell their girls over casting directors.

Iselin Steiro at Women New York. The whole showpackage HERE.

Most of the long-lasting models I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for (those who actually got me into the modelling universe) are under the guidance of Next Models Management, that's why I was highly hoping their showcards would live up to the girls they represent's potential. I cannot pretend to be particularly wowed, but I cannot not like them either - my timeless love towards sleek and straight to the point black and white pictures may certainly account for that. Yes, they won't go down in showpackages' history, indeed their composition is elementary... but there's no need to clutter the things up with unecessary photoshop effects and random stylings. The pictures choice is genius and extremely flattering to the models, isn't it all that matters at the end of the day?

Abbey Lee Kershaw at Next Models. The whole showpackage HERE.

Last but not least, Wilhelmina. Of course it just boils down to personal preferences, but I think they hit the jackpot producing these showpackages, which completely fulfill their roles of showing the models at their bests. Let's concentrate on Keke Lindgard, for instance. I was still averse to her a few days back but having her showcard burnt in my mind, I will be looking at her with new eyes henceforth. Not to mention I myself don't tend to get dressed that way, but grundge stylings have always pulled me in when worn with the right amount of ingenuity (that's why my opinion regarding these pictures is a bit of a partial one.) Indeed, this theme may be nothing we haven't seen before, but being as impeccably executed, it's aswell nothing short of spectacular!

Chloe Memisevic at Wilhelmina. The whole showpackage HERE.

I am not going to fret over IMG's amateur production or Ford's atrocious one, for it would be too much of a lost cause. Castings are already in full swing, and models who have what it takes will get into casting directors and designers' good graces, no matter what their showcards look like or how established they are. Here's hoping, anyhow.

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