Saturday, November 6, 2010

Space Oddity.

Kristina Feldhammer epitomizes the type of models I've been longing to lay my eyes on - nothing to do with the few tediously beautiful faces that blend into each others I've grown so weary of. Show-stoppingly lethal, immeasurably chilly, seemingly camera-friendly and signed with Cologne-based boutique agency Tomorrow is Another Day... sounds like an auspicious description. We're yet to sink our teeth into some runway or editorial appearances, but the digitals above (provided by Kristina's scouts) come across as photographic testimonies of Miss Feldhammer's potential - and atypicality. Don't get me wrong - I don't conceive of models as faceless clothes hangers that should get thoroughly overshadowed by the piece of clothing they showcase, quite the contrary. It never occured to me that models could actually get sent down a runway just to wear clothes ; I think it's all about letting your inner individuality shine through so as to bring the clothes to life and make them less generic, so they can pass off as custom-made pieces in a way. Not to mention unusual girls first draw your eyes in and cause them to travel from their face down the skewed lines of their catwaling-body to the clothes hanging on them. It's what happens... isn't it? I've always felt singularity was organic to fashion modelling. But sometimes, I'm under the impression I defend a stubbornly held view of it, interpreting it so it can fit my fancy - I find the idea of a universe in which difference is sought after quite dreamy and refreshing somehow. Back to Kristina - needless to say she's among the most intricate faces I've seen in a while... Once you get past the classic beauty barrier, you're not likely to get her out of your head.!

source : via nijuyanah @ tFS


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