Monday, April 11, 2011

The sin without the sinner.

My latest obsession goes by the name of Nadya Trofimova and sure is one newcomer capable of sticking up for herself amidst the most established models the industry has doled out. If you frequent fashion forums you'll easily pick up on one recurring thread through discussions pertaining to models and castings: bashing over newfaces and blind frenzy over the supers. I'm often baffled by the propensity of most fashion aficionados to put down emerging talents (whether they be models, photographers, or designers in fact) for the sole reason that they're not widely heralded - just yet. The industry does need new blood to move forward! Not that the ideal solution to swing away from the triteness magazines and runways have been dishing out for a while lies in tossing aside all the massive weapons that have partaken in defining fashion up until now. I personally think newcomers need to be allowed into the industry to back up seasoned characters in revamping fashion from scratch and staving off repetitiveness. My point being that there's no selling short great and skilled new [something's] just because they haven't made a name for themselves yet.

I went off on a tangent a bit so back to the topic at hand. Nadya hails from Russia, is signed to Aquarelle in her homeland and Elite in both New York and Milan, and got her feet wet on the runways this Fall season, keeping it low-key. She pretty much typifies androgyny (a word I nearly shy away from using seeing how it's been senselessly thrown around) and knows how to transform mere tests into impactful photographs in and of itself. The camera seems naturally endeared to her razor-sharp cheekbones and arresting set of eyes, and images come alive as she goes from being vibrant, to being effortless, to being tough. It might be too hasty to assert this right now but basing off of the work Nadya has put out, her talent seems all-encompassing ; she has the powerful runway stance, the photogeny and the malleability every outstanding model comes by. She might not be conventionally beautiful enough to win unanimous support from the entire insider community but it would come as no surprise if the Antwerp Six and the likes of Rei Kawakubo, Peachoo and Krejberg or Nicolas Andreas Taralis saw fit to sneak her in their runway shows. Here's hoping they will!

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