Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cold Water Symmetry.

No, you're not witnessing a paradigm shift in my views on modelling - I do happen to indulge into conventional beauty albeit it's not the field where the wow factor mainly lies to me. It turns out that Danish newbie Juliane Grüner, whose classic appeal very much harks back to the infamous newfaces wave that dominated Spring Summer 2009, made me do a definite double take. Her astute gaze and strongly defined jawline would indeed reconcile anyone with her tame type of beauty - though after setting these words down, I'm starting to ask myself if anyone out there would actually consider her as safe-looking as I do. I suppose that after delving into the modelling land for as long as I have (and I mean it in the humblest way possible, lest I sound condescending) your opinion gets a little skewed, and so gets the way you measure beauty. Either way I've come to the realization that Denmark is a country to be kept an eye on. Most of the models it's brought to life within the last five years have never utterly dropped off the radar and continued on wandering across magazines and runways avenues or cemented themselves a prosperous comeback. From Freja's dominance, to Agnete and Gertrud's bounce-back, including Caroline's rise-up and Amanda's constancy, Denmark not only seems to swarm with beautiful mannequins who can nevertheless stand on their own, but also with girls who can indeed carry their modelling niche over several seasons and thrive off of the lulls within their careers to come back full force. It's as if there were a certain thread running through their modelling that enabled them to pull this off... I wonder what this thread could possibly be? Is it due to their ability to straddle the line between overall conventional looks and singular facial characteristics, which, when took apart, appear significantly eccentric? Out of the five models I mentionned earlier on, none of them could actually be lumped in under the common beauty category because of remarkable features of theirs and yet each one of them can easily fill the bill as such. Search out the newest Danes into the modelling scene and this definition will most certainly be applicable to most of them too (check out Solveig to begin with!). The point I've just brought forward is just assumptive and I may aswell be completely far-off ; however it's never seemed to me that the ins and outs of modelling only amounted to a blend of coincidences therefore I'm standing by my guess and there must be a theme concerning Danish models. At any rates there's no hamming it up and claiming that Juliane is the next Denmark-born hot thing - even though in real life I tend to deem Carpe Diem a convenient manoeuvre to let loose under the guise of well-being and pass off irresponsibility as a philosophy of happiness, I'm hankering to go by that motto in regards to Mrs. Grüner for the time being... regardless what might happen next.

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Juliane is gourgeous

Why do you think, she´s gonna be an upcoming model?

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