Thursday, January 6, 2011


Is it me or there has been an outpouring of noteworthy newcomers hailing from France? I'll hand it to you, outpouring remains an overstatement as of now, but there have been a few new faces cropping up here and there who could be strong contenders to French modelling scene frontrunners Sigrid Agren and Constance Jablonski. Anyhow there's no winding down the French models enthusiast in me ; after quick write-ups on Victoire and Aymeline, it's Hélène Desmettre's turn to make it here. Out of honesty I'll admit that I used to have a mind-boggling love-hate relationship with her before she grew on me altogether - I'm close to being ashamed for spelling this out so casually, given she just screams out potential and that I should have noticed it upon first glance. Albeit Hélène doesn't fall into the outrightly memorable models category I am such a sucker for ; she's more of a girl who leaves an imperceptible impression on you, which gets you to keep her name in the back of your mind. Enough to cause you to click away whenever seeing it popping out in industry-related news and gradually memorize the face behind the name. And yet, despite visiting her tFS thread on a regular basis and starting to get the hang of recognizing her, I would continue moving between fascination and indifference cyclically and back again... up until Rokas Darulis's imagery came in and saddled me with the pictorial proof I needed to put to rest my unsettled hesitance as to Hélène. I'll direct you to the photographer's website where the entire set is to be found. It's a right-on mirror of Mrs. Desmettres per se : straightforward, touching and intriguing. Besides, her capability of connecting with the camera is unquestionably born out all throughout. Lens and model, more than working in tandem, are as one and the chemistry between both entities is palpable. It is tough to put into words the feeling of cohesion and unity I get from the pictures since it is mainly dependent upon sight and individual partiality... But anyway, you (hopefully) got my point : time has come for Vogue Paris to change their list as soon as possible. Is this also too demanding of me? You know, my hopes concerning the magazine being back to a more creativity and culture-centered direction are stretching thinner and thinner now that Emmanuelle has reportedly taken the helm, so I'm just trying to hold on to minuscule wishes in order to soften the blow.

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Nat Blomqvist said...

It's funny, I was just thinking about the modèles français the other day. It seems to me there is a shift away from Russia and the pendulum has swung towards Holland, Scandinavia, and, increasingly, France. I'm wondering why you think this is? I've attributed the Scandinavian interest to the rise of minimalism, which has correspondingly triggered growth in the popularity of Stockholm an Copenhagen fashion weeks, but with France, I've always found it curious why there seem to be so few top models. It seems almost a given that there would be a quantity of French girls, and Italians as well, but there are so few?

Hahaha I'm reserving judgement on Alt's taking up of the scepter until at least after her first season with the magazine... Until then, I'm going to assume a glass-half-full attitude, and hope her creativity has simply been stifled by Carine all these years, and now she will explode on the scene and we shall all be positively astounded. My breath is held.

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