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As major as it may be considered, walking for Prada or Balenciaga (most certainly my least favorite show this season casting-wise) - or any other attention-getting show for that matter - doesn't ensure a bright future for a model. In an industry built upon constantly moving-on foundations, each step up on the path towards successful longevity has to get looked at with extra caution and care. I personally reckon models trends no longer exist : the range of faces that's to be seen on the catwalks has reached its peak of width, and nowadays any lucky / determined / well-managed one can get their feet wet on the runway, even though they'll fade away the next season. Indeed, casting directors' favorite girls - minus a few exceptions - keep on changing, that's why I'd rather not get carried away over my favorite newbies turning up at a major show whatsoever. In spite of my prudence, I took notice of a few promising girls among the see of new-ish girls, and couldn't refrain myself from feeling a twinge of excitement when seeing them strutt down Miuccia Prada and her overhyped-likes' runway ; here they are, in no particular order :

First off, the ever haunting Zuzanna Bijoch, exclusive at Miu Miu : a sheer vision. Smooth and evocative stare, sharply-defined bone structure and delightfully laid-back attitude on the runway... Needless to say I instantly warmed up to her. I can only beg the industry not to leave her out and give her enough recognition for her to stick around.

When it comes to exclusives, not mentionning Hanna Samokhina doesn't make much sense. Without having a break-out season, the show-stopping Calvin Klein Dutchie hopefully walked enough great shows to leave a certain impression on casting directors and bookers and get past the exclusive barrier (and I do mean my words). Yet again, I'm reduced to wishing that this so-called privilege will be followed up by substantial work, for I'd feel immensely gutted if Hanna fell back into obscurity as... too many Calvin Klein exclusives.

Also can't pass up the opportunity to launch one of the most distinctive models France has given birth to : Victoire Maçon-Dauxerre. Exuding an elegance sans égale and extremely likeable off-duty, Victoire made her way in both at Céline and Miu Miu, in both cases nothing short of spectacular and hopefully drawing the right people's attention.

As for Balenciaga... I can't purport to be supportive of attention-seeking castings. I always get the feeling the collection per se isn't worthy of interest enough so the designer had nothing to rely on but the quality of his models line-up. That's more or less the impression that Ghesquière's house gave off this season. Regardless the quality of the pieces he put out, I can hardly admire them because the show in its entirety embodies everything I loathe about fashion : the proeminence of hype, buzz, or whatever it's called these days. Ugh. Luckily enough though, there were a few models who definitely deserved their spot in there, such as Freja Beha Erichsen, Julia Nobis, Jana Knauerova... and Aymeline Valade above all. Powerful features along a marvellous set of eyes, and a cool attitude to counterbalance them... She's the most striking model I've seen in a while.

And to top this article off, I could simply pick out a model I've never written about before, but I can't help devoting these last words to the outrightly gorgeous Janice Alida. Little did I know we'd get to see her on the catwalks, and it was the most pleasant surprise I had. Walking in opposite shows aesthetically speaking, she didn't have trouble pulling off every outfits with equal ease, which solidified my infatuation with her. A top model in the making.

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