Friday, October 29, 2010

The Winter White.

Karlijn Veling. Don't really know where, how to start, and don't quite want to run the risk of writing nonsense. My inner craze may phaze out in a few days - as unloyal as it sounds, I've got hooked on loads of newcomers and got sick of them almost at once a bajillion times - or maybe not - and it's no wonder why I'd be inclined to pick the maybe not. Karlijn's got it all to hold (my) attention : a sharp gaze, a lithe frame, a cheeky edge, and yet an ability to go soft to top it off. Polyvalency, full of promises, one-to-watch... as many phrases that casually get thrown around, but - for want of better ones -that largely define arresting Dutchie ; not to mention editorial-ready, from the looks of it. When weighing the potential of a (soon-to-be) top-working model, the capability of delivering a variational and powerful print-work no matter who the photographer is is among the first factors to be considered ; Karlijn's editorial-work experience being still tenuous, you'll have to form an opinion basing upon her tests solely. Not necessarily the most accurate way to make up your mind on a newbie if you ask me, but still most persuasive a mean if the model's potential succeeds in piercing through all the adornments (airbrushing, cheap lighting effects and so on) added to the original photographs - and Miss Veling had no trouble doing so. Come to think of it, she ties in with the new generation of icy-looking girls a la Eileen Hydorn - as far away as one can get from oozing vulnerability as Siri Tollerod and her likes - that could get in great demand come Fall / Winter 2011. Stay tuned, I guess.

source : d'management Groupe via FraItlay @ tFS


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