Monday, October 25, 2010

The Face.

Most of the models need years until they step their game up ; some of them just burst onto the scene and instantly get coveted. Lynn Amélie Rage, newcomer represented by Hamburg-based agency PMA Models, got booked for Prada last month, cast by Russel Marsh a.k.a the most unpredictable (and overrated) casting director, renowned for getting over-infatuated with a girl to end up throwing her away a couple seasons later. Claiming she's already the next hot thing would equate to contradicting my own previous statements, nevertheless her latest set of snaps goes to show she wasn't picked as a mere showfiller. I must admit that the youthful awkwardness she exudes on some of her test shots turns me off and I had lots of trouble making up my mind about her - seeing her on the catwalks might have been what I needed to be fully sold over her. Despite the questionable styling at Prada, her beauty shone through and left me floored and wondering whether she actually was the sweet Lynn Amélie Rage I had spotted a few weeks back. Endowed with piercing blue eyes which add a certain chill to her exotic and expensive looks, the German-born wonder seems to be set up for success ; add the right placements and a strong developement, and she'll definitely be ready to take the fashion industry by storm.

source : via behansu @ tFS


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