Friday, October 29, 2010

New Edge.

Young models have a tendency to get tightly entwined with a certain airy and innocent appeal, which can get repulsive to people clung to the 80's - 90's models era aesthetic and moral-wise. As I've stated before though, a broad palette of faces is to be found both on the runways and in magazines, and the models line-ups aren't genuinely defined by a trend, nor is the proeminence of a certain type of beauty over another to be pointed out ; immature-looking models can't be claimed to take over the industry. In case someone still needs to be convinced, here are three newcomers all made recognizable thanks to their rough, edgy, deep looks.

Marina Buniaka, represented by FM in London and hailing right from Belarus, is one of the six runners-up for the 2009 Ford Contest. As far as I'm concerned I don't make a big deal out of this competition, for as a whole lot of attention-getter stuff within the industry, it's worth following when it comes to spotting potential-gifted girls but not enough to launch a model's career. Back on the topic - I think edgy would be too simplistic and cliché a word to describe Marina's appeal, an impeccable blend of rebelliousness and forlornness.. Tough to resist that secretive of a gaze, implying it holds a secret and refuses to share it away.

Girl next door Canadian Kate Wallace is signed with Sutherland Models in Toronto, wide-eyed, round-faced yet everything but doll-ish. Her effortless package might put off as well as pull in (I personally can't help but admire how well she sports these clothes).. Albeit it'd be unfair to form a finale opinion out of the minuscule amount of shots of her up on her motheragency's website. Regardless, her evolution might pan out in the most interesting way possible, as one dimensional-looking models are often the most surprising when they start unveiling what they're capable of.

Reny Szabo, Hungarian-born signed with New York Models, is among the girls I'm most keeping my hopes up for. I don't mean to repeat what other people have already said in the most spot-on way possible but it seemed inconceivable not to feature her in this post - twisted feelings indeed. I'll just add, uselessly enough, that I'm willing to see Reny through either Jonathan Waiter's lens or Chadwick Tyler's, and... that's it. Period.

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