Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sympathy for the Devil.

It's not the first time that hauntingly darksome Dafne Cejas has got featured on here, and I've already expressed my hopes about her after-Givenchy career before, so I'll just add that her disastrous S/S 2011 season is a further proof as to exclusives being double-edged swords. Yes, they're exciting in the first place, but absolutely loathsome when the exclusive model doesn't go on grabbing high-end work and slowly gets back into oblivion. Not that it's thoroughly the case for Dafne, given she's notched up a substantial amount of print work, lastly for most conceptual British publication, Dazed and Confused.

To be frank, I'm under the impression that Riccardo's Argentinian muse can't really seem to branch out and grow out of the Givenchy niche she's been stuck in since she first debuted. Every editorials she has under her belt have all the same sinister feeling to them - I assume her androgynous-labelled looks prevent her from being hired by girl-y brands (though she modelled the Zara casual collection this season - not this feminine, but still). I could go on a rant about the lack of opportunities she's been given, but for once I won't, as I'm everything but getting apathetic regarding Dafne's work, and this most recent editorial prowess leaves me wanting more.

As usual when it comes to Anthony Maule's imagery, neither haphazard poses nor in-your-face lighting are to be seen, for everything gravitates around the clothing and the focus musn't get stolen from it (it isn't lost on me that put into words, the whole process sounds lackluster, robotic, etc).

As much as this editorial doesn't transcend any boundaries, it takes clothes display up to a whole new level of brilliance, and in that reminds me of Dress is Art, one of the first spreads I laid eyes on, which truly affected me and reinforced my love for fashion. It's no secret that I love models more than luxury clothing per se, but when it doesn't embody a way to show off and draw people's envy, but reeks of passion and work instead, I can appreciate it as an outlet for creativity and grow to admire it altogether... And I give full credit to Anthony Maule for enabling me to do so by bringing out the beauty of every pieces he photographs. Kudos, yet again.

source : Ford Models blog via ghostfeed @ tFS


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