Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Come as you are.

Bright-eyed and bushy-browed Amber Anderson scored one opening slot in London this season, and even though the momentum didn't carry over the following cities, she undoubtedly had me intrigued. Not that she struck me as the next top model - and she'll probably never get nearly close to one - but there is something about her - a child-like straightforwardness, an endearing honesty... in a nutshell : she's a whiff of fresh air. Those who beg for the return of real women on the runways will most certainly be the first to pick on her, but then again, I think she brings a youthful spontaneity that fashion as a whole is in lack of. Besides, she contributes and epitomizes the new models era, eclectic and most interesting ; while pretention-free girls like Amber are to be seen on the catwalks, it comes as no surprise to stumble across otherworldly creatures, androgynous girls, tomboys or cutie pies aswell... Hence my annoyance when I read articles deploring the ubiquitousness of clone models (didn't you know that they're all blond-tall-anorexic-Russian-born?), because it sounds beyond dated and insubstantial. But hey, I guess it's much easier to recycle hackneyed thoughts about fashion models than trying to look deeper into the industry and mold a prejudices-free opinion about it...

source : Oui Management via their Facebook page


Anonymous said...

She had me intrigued too and seeing how she's making her way now she might well become the next top model !

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