Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ahead of the curve.

Albeit French models such as Sigrid Agren or Constance Jablonski have become forces to be reckoned with within the industry, France has hardly asserted itself as a topmodel-maker country over the most recent years. It's about time the tide turned if you ask me, and I am keen to believe that amongst the girls my terre d'origine holds in store for us, some of them will most certainly make this change happen once they burst onto the fashion scene. Amidst the few names popping into my head, the most recurring one has to Aymeline Valade's. Mediterranean-looking marvel is demurely self-confident, softly manly, aloofly entrancing, all rolled up into one ; a multi-edged talent for sure, who's actually been revolving around the modelling sphere for years without carving out a prolific high-end career. After getting stuck in the commercial field for several seasons, Aymeline seems to have (finally!) branched out and made her stamp on the high-fashion avenue, walking for Balenciaga last season and having two stories out in the new Wonderland issue. Yes, because however compelling these digitals above are, they don't even begin to do her malleability justice. Reeking of staying power and personality ; capable of swinging back and forth between sultriness and androgyny, elegance and toughness, glamour and affability with as much comfort as possible ; Mrs Valade has never been readier to transition away from low-key works into top-notch bookings and cement her status as France's uprising modelling sensation... grant her license to do so and her career will skyrocket.

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