Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Origin of Symmetry.

New Norwegian-born sensation on my radar! Going by the name of Erjona Ala, newly signed with Elite, made distinguishable thanks to a chiselled bone structure and slightly manly, if polished, stance, she might not pander to anyone's tastes and expectations in terms of models, but hopefully garners up as much approval as possible from insiders once the castings for the Fall Winter 2011 season start off. Although there are several shows I could envision her in, a definite match made in heaven would be Erjona walking for my beloved Peachoo + Krejberg - since dear Carine Roitfeld has been (?) flung off Vogue Paris, we may 1) look forward to actual shows of theirs and not surreptitious presentations 2) hope that this fantasy comes to fruition. What could possibly be more enchanting than a model overflowing with wit and mystery sporting the creations of two reservedly brilliant clothes-makers?

Erjona has racked up little to no valuable print work thus far so it's still clueless to put forward arguments as to her editorial skills and there's no denying she is yet to prove herself (even though this very set of tests is downright impressive in my eyes.). Nevertheless, her streamlined - though outstanding - appeal lifts her from being easy to be stuck into a uni-dimensional category ; upon first impression, it seems like she could even out overpowering aesthetics as well as bring cleaner ones to life (how astounding would she be under Willy Vanderperre's guidance!).

It's been a while since I last succumbed to a newface and felt awed enough to get invested in her career at first glance - thoroughly so, that is - and to be perfectly frank, I've missed the twinge of anticipation that often bursts out of nowhere when getting obsessed with a promising newface. Fashion as a whole has been quite stagnant and unstimulating over the last weeks so needless to say, the discovery of Erjona comes at a most opportune moment to keep me warm and get me through the last days of 2010 up until the beginning of 2011 - which will hopefully teem with rejuvenating shake-ups, John Galliano getting back to being his crazily creative self, Katie Grand finally understanding that she has no editor in chief talent whatsoever, under-the-radar talents being given the opportunity to shine out through the crowd of tired, so-called valeurs sûres. One can hope...


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