Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Woman of a Singular Charm.

I've been feeling dramatically nostalgic today and restlessly enclined to immerse myself in oldies dating back to the very beginning of my infatuation with fashion - 2006, that is. I'll hand it to you that tracking down models who were in the spotlight back then and sank into oblivion almost at once ; trying to dig up editorials who hadn't made their way into your digital archives up until now ; taking a look at stories that had slipped off your mind is not necessarily the most effective way to tear yourself away from nostalgia but then again, having a blast from the past every now and then has never been that harmful. It is actually most informative regarding fashion per se - because after all, when I started paying attention to it I was more of a dilettante than a hardcore follower and overlooked a plethora of things - and caused me to wonder why it grabbed ahold of me at this very moment ; what made me shift from monthly reading Vogue Paris so as to parade about to being genuinely interested in fashion.

Among the things that had a strong hand in my introduction to this illusional fantasy (no, Kate Moss and Karl Lagerfeld are nowhere to be found within my list, ha.)? Norwegian mystery Iselin Steiro. Iselin's career pattern is pretty much impeccable, and so is she as a model - the kind of model you can both relate to and look up to - mysteriously laid-back ; different-looking without overshadowing the clothes she displays ; deceptively chameleon-esque, on top of all. At the risk of being repetitive (and I know I already am), versatility should go hand in hand with modelling.

Versatility draws the beholders into questioning their identifying skills ; it takes by surprise and spices the things up ; finally it enables to weed out the models who won't be able to go the distance from the ones who will be. It is no secret that models often tend to get pigeonholed into tight categories and the ones set up for longevity and success are positively those who manage to transcend the barriers we want to shut them in. And that's what Iselin has achieved all throughout her seven years-long career, playing off of her various facets and taking on a different appearance from a story to another... No wonder why she and Freja Beha Erichsen have been paired up so many times and have worked wonders as many times.

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