Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hildie on my mind.

A sharp-featured face, a runway-proportionned body and a set of deep melancholy eyes... these are Hildie Gifstad's most prominent assets and what has left an indelible impression on my mind, not to mention her power to make any test shot literally gob-smacking. Here are some new snaps of hers so as to illustrate my thoughts.

It's safe to say the Norwegian has grown into a favorite model of mine, besides being the face I'm most looking forward to when fashion week starts out. Nevertheless, Hildie will need to part from her grungy attitude once in a while (as a tFS member thoughtfully pointed it out) : not too much in order to remain faithful to her roots, yet enough not to risk getting reduced to the androgynous one... as far as I'm concerned, I think she has what it takes to pull the trick off.

But a question keeps running through my mind : will she actually be given the opportunity to let her versatility unfold? The first model I think of when this issue gets brought up is Freja Beha Erichsen. It took her four years to break herself free from the rebel image she had been associated with and to finally get her potential considered and exploited to its fullest extent.

Furthermore, some models happen to get bashed because they don't prove themselves volatile, but do photographers let them show variety through their poses and expressions...? And do beholders accept to see this variety when it is here...? Don't we all tend to mold our opinions according to how the model in question is labelled...? Even though I'm slipping towards off-topic, I reckon this matter is worth musing over... And to get back to Hildie, I will never ever let myself fooled into believing she cannot thrive in non-androgynous looks - it would be too much of an insult to her modelling skills!

Source : allaboutmodels via Teja @ tFS


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