Thursday, August 5, 2010

Under a curse.

Miuccia Prada's chouchoutes are sadly renowned for being one-season standouts ending up dropping off the radars - though Lindsey Wixson seems to have made her way out of the so-called curse thus far. I always prefer making up my own opinions rather than mindlessly claiming things based on rumors and whispers, but the Curse Theory has been bugging me since... the Fall / Winter Givenchy campaign came out.

Malgosia Bela, MariaCarla Boscono, Catherine McNeil, Joan Smalls and Lea T. are featured in the ad, alongside Mengyao Ming Xi and Dafne Cejas, both Riccardo Tisci's latest infatuations. I've been keeping my eye on those two rising stars for months and seeing them landing such a remarkable A-Class campaign obviously sends me into the stratosphere, nevertheless don't mind me comparing this very campaign to that of Fall / Winter 2009.

Turning up next to the predatory MariaCarla, Adriana and Iris (whose career has been slowing down but is starting to bounce back) : Ranya Mordanova, a newcomer who had recently been introduced to the modelling industry. Considering that being a favorite of Riccardo's is admittedly an achievement, I got fooled into thinking that she would become one of the most successful models over a five years period. Contrary to my expectations, her career reached a worrisome state not too long ago (in spite of a few appearances runway and editorial-wise) - especially taking into account that she's no longer backed up by Mr. Tisci.

Ranya's lack of work more or less accounts for my strong uncertainty about what's ahead of Dafne and Ming's careers : while a strong part of me wants to reckon that snatching up such high fashion work is positive, I remain doubtful and would highly recommend my girls not taking anything for granted... because all in all, the most in demand models at the moment are also the most workaholic ones.

Source : wwd via Flashbang @ tFS ; zinio via cul8tr @ tFS ; scanned by fearless123 @ tFS


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