Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Les yeux revolver.

I have a soft spot for evocative faces that I can associate with a chilhood's memory of mine. Olga Karlovich, signed with Aquarelle Models in Russia, stopped me in my tracks thanks to her razor sharp features, her defiant way to stare straight into the camera... not to mention the slight Sophie-Marceau-in-La-Boum resemblance (being French, I grew up watching this movie, which is still considered a must-watch.) - both sharing the same classic beauty spiced up with a cheeky, tomboy over the edge, attitude. But beauty and attitude, aren't - admittedly - the single factors coming into play when it comes to breaking out and lasting in the industry. What sets a model apart from another and makes her covetable in casting directors' eyes is, partly, the way she stands in front of the camera and can prove herself multi-faceted and malleable. Albeit Olga's portfolio is still quite tenuous (which doesn't make it easier to make up my mind about her), the few pictures that make it up strengthen my sentiments ; with the right amount of time and work, she may have what it takes to be a good print-work model. She takes mere test shots up to a new level of brilliance ; I was sold to her sang-froid in front of the lens, the way she oozes a forceful confidence, yet all the while maintaining a certain breeziness. I'll be eagerly awaiting new test material, hoping it'll live up to that having already emerged!

Source : Aquarelle Models


Ines said...

Good luck to Olga ! I like her. She has blue eyes and she is Russian:D

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