Thursday, August 12, 2010

Veuve noire.

It's not commonly admitted, yet Jamie Bochert's features are pictorial. It didn't occur to me at first, but she somehow comes off as a portrait of Modigliani's - the Marguerite resemblance is rather striking, to say the least. This being said, she remains one of a kind ; an all-around talent, who's currently trying her hand at singing ; a model whose work reeks of intelligence ; an arresting presence, a gaze that evokes but never unveils.

It seems like her collaboration (hopefully the first in a long serie) with the master of black and white photography, as known as Hedi Slimane, is a celebration of all that. He drew out an incredible simplicity in her - neither forced expressions nor contrived poses to be seen through the entire set - and captured her essence : the poised serenity she gives off, the hint of determination flashing in her eyes as well as the subtle maturity that keeps her apart from the unexperienced and slightly generic - albeit pretty - faces the industry has kind of been after (naming no names.).

Though it may not jump out at first glance - the pictures display a slight but nonetheless worthy of note contrast between the many-sidedness of the model immortalized and the straightforwardness of the photography... which just goes to show that Hedi Slimane has understood that a plain surrounding along with an epic personality is enough. No need to fill out with loads of patterns and in-your-face colors. Charisma makes it all.

To cap this article off, I'd just like to share an excerpt from the few lines accompanying the editorial : Bochert taught herself the piano and guitar, encouraged by her fiancé, the actor Michael Pitt, also a musician in a band called Pagoda. "It took me five years to learn and I'm still learning, but ballet taught me discipline." Yes, patience and determination pay off ; Jamie is living proof.

Source : scanned by me.


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