Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Out of limbo?

I could name a fistful of models whose career was bound to blow up Ymre Stiekema, pushed to the front of the fashion scene by Miuccia Prada, is one of them. Over the Spring and Fall 2009 seasons, the Netherlander jewel grabbed five Prada campaigns, and worked for major publications such as Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia in collaboration with the most praised photographers... which hasn't prevented her from - apparently - getting out of demand. Nevertheless, with those brand new digitals posted on the Art and Commerce blog, here's hoping for a comeback. What kept me enthralled - even when the industry didn't embrace her anymore - is most definitely Ymre's hard-to-describe appeal. At first glance, she may look pretty yet nothing out of the ordinary - beware! Your eyes must belie the full complexity of her beauty. No matter the photograph she is to be seen on, she emanates an air of extreme secrecy, and ever since the intense looks she throws at the camera seem to warn the beholder not to hope for a deep insight into her personality. To sum my thoughts up in a few mere words (I'm aware I might be failing to get my point across), she's got enough presence to arouse curiosity while retaining her ambiguity. Yes, she's that skillful of a model.

Source : Art and Commerce via behansu @ tFS


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