Thursday, August 26, 2010


Love at first sight is an expression that most certainly gets thrown around often when new faces turn up on model agencies boards... but you can trust me when I say it was instant infatuation with Ilva when I saw her digitals - I am not overstating! Not only do I have a soft spot for the "freckled complexion plus red hair" combo - although it's a rather common one - but I also find tormented gazes to be compellingly beautiful... especially considering that hers is already beyond emotional. Latest addition to Hamburg-based agency Place Models, the chiseled-cheekboned beauty (whose bone structure isn't without reminding me Melissa Tammerijn's) has the word promising written all over her face. I've already mentionned my dismal ability to get head over heels in love with newbies who aren't bound to break through, but I daresay we can take the Dutchie seriously... Sheer intuitive feeling, obviously (coups de coeur are known to be both puzzling and addictive in the beginning yet easy to get over, but the fact that my obsession with Ilva is shaping up to be everlasting slightly sway my view.). And, even though I'm not willing to rehash old ideas as to the supremacy of feelings over reason, I feel that I'm not wrong, for a change. We ought to heard of Ilva - the sooner, the better... for I'm almost literally holding my breath for new additions to her portfolio.

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