Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nightmare-ish doll.

Beauty happens to flirt with unreality, Elena S. is living proof. Endowed with a pristine face reeking of innocency, she has proved herself capable of going dark while subtly retaining her delicateness - the reason why my eyes fell upon her while peeking at the Cherié Model Management blog (the Moscow-based agency that represents the gem in question.)

Apart from her awe-inspiring features, what sticks out to me most about Elena - as I've briefly said before - is her apparent malleability. A thousand (soon-to-be) models are impeccably-proportionned and have interesting-featured faces, but not so many of them can claim to be versatile enough to make impression on photographers and bookers. Well, I personally have a strong feeling that Elena will be able to do so soon (though - I can't say it enough - nothing is to be taken for granted.).

She can not only put on slightly demented expressions and look genuinely hypnotic, but she can also play on her rosebud side without being yawn-worthy. I was deeply mesmerized by the ability with which she adapts to those opposite aesthetics and conveys them quite brilliantly. Though Elena may not be up to the industry nowadays' standards, she epitomizes the kind of quirky-that-can-get-eerie beauty I find myself gravitating towards, and I'll definitely be on the lookout for more test material of her.


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