Friday, August 6, 2010


Anyone who needs to be given the proof that models aren't necessarily ditsy clothes hangers should look out for the 19 years old Argentinian, Naomi Preizler.

I was literally astounded when I first found out about her - and I ain't overstating. What wowed me? The mix of bubbly liveliness and rough edginess that pretty much sums up Naomi's appeal. What keeps me spellbound? Her inspirational personality.

Having a knack for coming up with off-beat - this not equating to contrived - outfits, Naomi has managed to embrace a saucy style matching her personality and different from the either-praised-or-despised models uniform. It might sound secondary, but I reckon that remaining genuine style-wise while working in an industry where generic trends dominate is the testament of an undoubtedly bold creativity.

On top of that, the young but nonetheless ingenuous Argentinian draws. She draws relevant fashion celebrities, such as Natalia Vodianova. Nevertheless, her skills don't boil down to duplicating pictures of them published in magazines ; Naomi sketches everyday-faces as well, captures and portrays a huge palette of expressions, and lets her imagination unfold through her paintings. In that, she could be said to resemble her model mate Sasha Pivovarova, but I won't even dare the comparison ; Naomi is her own breed!

Source : COACD via Ghostwerld and Carla-A @ tFS ; this-is-simes via Karolina. @ tFS
All images linked courtesy of Naomi Preizler via her blog.


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