Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ex fan des sixties, petite baby doll.

Introducing you to Olga Gilowska, hailing from Poland and represented both by Cat Model Management and FM London.

I'm not good at predicting soon-to-be-in-great-demand new faces (but let's be real it gets tougher and tougher for them to stand a chance against the handful of models who have managed to break through and to last in the industry.), nevertheless I can easily picture her strutting down major runways such as Jil Sander, Stella McCartney or Miu Miu.

Olga isn't the type of girl I usually go for, and I went through an irksome state of uncertainty before molding my opinion about her (read : I ran through her portfolio at least a thousand times wondering whether she was worth the deal.) After a long-lasting struggle, I let myself win over by that gem. Her almond-shaped, deep, cheeky eyes contrasting with her frail body frame and fragile body language could prove wrong anyone defining her as easy to get. I'd tend to state that she epitomizes the paradoxal beauty, exuding a youthful appeal while retaining a secretive maturity throughout her different snaps.

Apart from the fact that she cropped up at the last Berlin Fashion Week, Olga's agencies have been keeping her under the radar, which is something I'm extremely eased about - sudden overexposure is seldom a good thing when it comes to newbies (remember Zuzana Straska who faded away after too fairly eventful seasons?). I'd bet on a few appearances when the Pre Fall Season comes up, and though it may be consider pure wishful thinking, I wouldn't be surprised if a certain Jonathan Waiter was drawn to the Polish poupée de cire.

Check out Olga's thread on tFS HERE.

Source : via mariemaud @ tFS and via cologne_rocks @ tFS


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